Thursday, January 11, 2018

Some Early Stinkers in the 2018 General Assembly Session

January 11, 2018

Some Early Stinkers in the 2018 General Assembly Session

Well, the new and not-so-improved Virginia General Assembly (GA) began the 2018 session this week.  And I have to say, from a distance I’m more than a little put-off about the issues some of our new (and old) legislators choose as priority items in the new session.  Unfortunately, these disappointments come from both sides.  I wish I could say that the left has a monopoly on head-scratching, time-wasting bills, but alas, I cannot. 
In case you’re wondering, the website Richmond Sunlight is a pretty good resource for tracking these bills.  They list break-downs of legislator voting records, affiliations, committee records, bill tracking and full bill summaries.  Registered users can comment on bills and submit informal polling about whether or not they think a bill should become law.
I’m in the Richmond area and I’m interested in activities with regard to gun rights, personal protection, protection for children and anything my legislators or those around me are proposing.  So without further adieux, here are some of the real “WTF” bills I found in the early going:

1)               Firearms; civil liability for sale or transfer, background check. (HB273)
Introduced By

Now, keep your seats.  I know it’s totally shocking that two Democrats from NoVa would seek to enhance penalties for the sale of firearms upon the sellers when and if that firearm should be used in a crime.  This bill stinks so bad on so many different levels!  I mean, is it even legal?  That’s like the original (or all past) owners of a car being held civilly liable for any future accidents.  It’s preposterous and stupid and should die a quick death.

2)             Abortion; informed written consent. (HB450)

Introduced By

This gem comes from none other than my neophyte Delegate, Debra Rodman.  Apparently, she doesn’t think that women who are about to undergo a procedure to kill their unborn children should be informed about the procedure by a licensed physician and sign a form stating same.  The irony here:  Rodman is an educator, a professor.  So she seeks to repeal a requirement that women be educated about the abortion they’ve decided to have. 
Maybe leftists don’t have a monopoly on hypocrisy, but they sure do their best to perfect it!  I miss Dr. O’Bannon already!

3)             Killing of police animals; penalty. (HB739)

Introduced By

Now, Let’s see if you can follow this one from Freshman Republican, John McGuire…
He wants it to be a class 5 felony for YOUR dog to “show a reckless disregard” for a police dog, whether on or off duty, through YOUR alleged negligence.  First, off… WHAT?!?  He is proposing that we punish owners for dogs doing what dogs may naturally do?  And how does an investigating agency prove this?  And what if the law enforcement officer is trespassing on my property, am I still on the hook for a class 5 felony should this happen?  I know from where this bill originates, but I won’t bore you with the tale.  Just know, this rarely (if ever) happens and I don’t think we need to make it a serious felony to charge the owner, who arguably has zero control over his animal in any given circumstance, to attack a police dog.  Don’t we have more important things to deal with?

4)             Concealed handgun permits, out-of-state; reciprocity. (HB498)

Introduced By

Del. Marcus Simon (D-Falls Church) with support from 6 copatrons, whose average partisan position is:

OK, did every single Democrat in NoVa and some in Tidewater co-patron this bill? 
Why is it the left despises your right to protect yourself, but they’re OK with other people carrying guns to protect them?  This is a bad one, folks.  If this becomes law, you’ll see a ripple effect in our reciprocity with other states, just like when Mark “I hate guns except when they’re protecting me” Herring tried to do a couple of years ago. 

I wonder, when are we going to recognize the Right to Bear Arms, which is enumerated within the Constitution, just like we recognize other things that are not – like gay marriage?  Every year this issue becomes more and more of a hot-button and I’m worried that with Virginia getting bluer, they’re eventually going to get what they want. 

Meanwhile, the only people who will have guns are the criminals.

My suggestion, tank all of these bills.  Make them die a quick death.  Shoot them in their proverbial heads because they stink on ice.  Each one of these is either a total waste of time, effort, energy and money and/or just plain bad law, and that’s overlooking the obvious disrespect for life in the womb or the individual’s right to protect himself and his family.
Call your Delegate or Senator and tell them these bills suck and they need to vote against them.  Stay informed about this session.  These bills are just a sampling of the BS that’s out there.  I can only imagine what will come about as the session moves along.   

Meanwhile, the murder rate in Richmond is through the roof.  Tolls on the hot lanes in NoVa are astronomical and the traffic is not improving.  Homeless, many of them Veterans, are on seemingly every street corner, begging for change, many of them suffering from mental illness.  Aren’t any of those issues that affect real people worth working on?

Yes, friends, elections do indeed have consequences!