Sunday, April 9, 2017

Stewart Staffer Dubs Law Enforcement Supporter(s) “Racist” In Online Statement

Stewart Staffer Dubs Law Enforcement Supporter(s) “Racist” In Online Statement

Does Corey Stewart know who he hires and why, or does he just throw campaign money at whomever he feels will be as outrageous and incendiary as he is?

In response to an online debate on the Virginia Freedom Caucus (VFC) Facebook page on 
April 8th, paid Stewart staffer and VFC Facebook page administrator, Waverly Woods dubbed this blogger “racist” and a supporter of slavery for displaying pictures of.... get ready for this one…

A Thin Blue Line American flag, which is to show support of law enforcement around the country, and a portrait of Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendering to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse (which coincidentally took place 152 years ago today), which were previously displayed on this blogger’s personal Facebook pages as cover photos.  Check out the post for yourself:

Feel free to read the entire post thread here.

While the online quips and comments between Ms. Woods and I have been many since the publication of two blogs here and here which detail her boss, Corey Stewart’s, inconsistencies and bombastic statements, the obvious personal attack was likely to be expected.  The context of this post is somewhat relevant and if you care, I would encourage you to hop on over to the VFC Facebook page to read multiple threads in relation to Mr. Stewart’s attendance and posting of a live video at a Confederate rally in Southwest Virginia recently.

However, as a paid online spokesperson for the Corey Stewart for Governor campaign, one would think Waverly Woods would have more sense than to blatantly insult law enforcement officers all over the Commonwealth and their supporters as “racist” on behalf of her Candidate for displaying that support, especially given that her questionable involvement has already landed her under subpoena in the ongoing Vogel-Reeves debacle.  Being that she is a formal representative of the Stewart campaign and no retraction, clarification or apology of these libelous and insulting comments has been issued, one can only reach the conclusion that this is the stance of the entire Corey Stewart campaign. 

As detailed here, I travel all over the country teaching police officers and soldiers how to better respond in critical situations to help people, so I see first-hand the dedication and sacrifice these men and women put forth to protect all of us when it matters most.  As such, I would encourage all law enforcement officers across the Commonwealth and their supporters to abandon support of Corey Stewart because of this statement from his campaign staff.    


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