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Corey Stewart: Smoke & Mirrors (or maybe just more lies)

Corey Stewart: Smoke & Mirrors (or maybe just more lies)

I’m not a fan of Corey Stewart, as this previous blog details.  But aside from the skin crawl and raw vitriol I feel when I hear his Minnesota-turned-Virginia accent pander to this lunatic fringe group or that one, I have a hard time putting my finger on some facts that make me dislike him so much.  It’s definitely more of a gut instinct than a fact-based intuition.  So what does someone like me do to balance out the emotion and facts?  I find some facts.

Mr. Stewart hails from the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, Minnesota.  As such, he attended schools in Minnesota and was apparently admitted to the Minnesota Bar at one point.  As was detailed on the Virginia Freedom Caucus Facebook page a few weeks ago, his status with the Minnesota Bar is not quite on the up-and-up, however.  As you can see, according to the Minnesota Judicial Branch, Mr. Stewart is not in good standing with the Minnesota Bar for failure to pay dues and he is “involuntarily restricted by court order” (whatever that means, but it doesn’t sound good):

Also, according to the Minnesota Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board, Corey Stewart is NOT AUTHORIZED to practice law in the State of Minnesota:

“But O’Hanrahan”, you ask, “Corey’s Firm is based in Washington, DC!  It says so right on his website!”
Yes, according to this link to Stewart PLLC, the firm is based at 1250 Connecticut Ave., Ste. 200, Washington, DC.  Corey Stewart’s bio on the firm’s website also states “He is a member of the District of Columbia Bar and is also admitted to practice in Minnesota.”  See for yourself:

But according to the State of Minnesota he is “not authorized to practice”.  Now, any good attorney (and several Corey sycophants) will note that “admitted to practice” and “authorized to practice” are not the same thing.  Fair enough.  But my personal opinion about this is, he’s lying.  I know, don’t act so shocked!

Further inspection of Mr. Stewart and his firm reveals some interesting facts.  He is admitted to the DC Bar as discovered through a search, but not The Virginia Bar.  

However, his firm is registered in Virginia through the Virginia State Corporation Commission:

It is not unusual for certain business entities to have a registered agent in multiple locations.  This is done with Google, for example, because they operate globally and receive lots of legal requests in multiple states.  Stewart PLLC is not Google.  But surely there must be a record of Mr. Stewart’s business in Washington, DC, right?  Well, not so fast.  A quick check of the DC Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs for the address of 1250 Connecticut Ave., NW, Ste. 200 reveals many (no less than eight) businesses registered to that address.  Unfortunately for Corey, Stewart PLLC is not one of them:

A quick check on Google Maps street view reveals that this is a non-descript, run of the mill, Washington, DC Building. 

This smells remarkably familiar, doesn’t it?  Wasn’t there another bombastic alt-right-esque Yankee vying for the Republican nomination forthe 5th District Congressional seat last year that employed a similar business tactic?  Is this chapter 3 in “Sleazy Business Practices for Dummies”?  Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time to visit 1250 Connecticut Ave. in DC right now, but if I find myself there some time in between now and June, I’ll definitely check it out!

Oh, wait.  I don’t have to…

Caption: Corey Stewart pays $75.00 per month for shell corporation

So let’s see.  Corey has misled (at best) or lied (at worst) about his status with the Minnesota bar.  He has a business registered in Virginia with a primary office location listed in DC, but DC doesn’t have a record of his business being operated out of the “principal office” location in DC, so is the business operated out of DC or out of Virginia?  If it’s operated out of Virginia, should he not be admitted to the Bar in Virginia?  And if it’s operated out of DC, as his firm’s website and the Virginia SCC indicates, shouldn’t it be registered in DC and pay the requisite fees, etc. to operate in DC?

“So what’s your point, O’Hanrahan?”  My point is, Corey Stewart stinks.  I haven’t found where the proverbial pile of shit is hidden yet, but all of this information leads me to believe that there’s one (or more) stinky piles to be found.  Combine that with his overly incendiary speech and calling campaign plays from the alt-right playbook, I want nothing to do with this guy.  I posted online earlier today that if Corey Stewart is the nominee, I won’t vote for him.  I’d sooner abstain from voting on that particular part of the ballot than vote for him.  Yes, I know what that means and yes, I know the possible consequences of that decision, but for the sake of the Commonwealth, I hope none of us have to be put in that position.  Because the bottom line is, he can’t win anyway, so what’s the point?  At least Gillespie has a fighting chance.

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